I Have Two Daddies

An Earthly Daddy and a Heavenly Daddy

Lynn Calvin


Do you realize and feel how warm and reassuring a father’s love is?

Yes, it is.
But if you haven’t realized that,
let this endearing book show you how wonderful it is to have a father who will love you unconditionally.
This time, not just one daddy, but two!


I Have Two Daddies is a story of a little girl who tells of the love she experiences through the relationships with her earthly and Heavenly Daddies. She describes her two daddies and the love they show her.


Her earthly daddy is an instrument, a gift sent by her Heavenly Daddy to show her how He loves her so dearly. Her earthly daddy does everything to provide her needs and gives her the love, comfort and security she wants. She invites you to have a Heavenly Daddy who loves you so much by offering to share her Heavenly Daddy with you. You will surely enjoy and be inspired with this beautiful narrative.


At the end of the book, you will also find activities you need to complete to make your two daddies experience more memorable and worthwhile!