Review: I Have Two Daddies

I Have Two Daddies is the story told by a little girl about her two daddies, her earthly daddy and her heavenly daddy. As she talks about her earthly daddy, she talks about all of the things they do together. She describes the things her earthly daddy does and says to assure her how much he loves her. She also tells of her heavenly daddy, the daddy she can’t see because he is in heaven. First she tells how she began her relationship with her heavenly daddy, and then about the things that assure her that her heavenly daddy loves her. Join this little girl as she tells you all about her two daddies, and how you can have a heavenly daddy too!

I really like this story. Having a little girl tell the story about her earthly and heavenly daddies was a very nice idea, because children will listen when other children tell them something. I like that the two daddies are compared to each other, and author Lynn Calvin does an excellent job of explaining the likes and differences between the two. And the illustrations by Maria Rask are well thought out and fit the story well. Other neat things in this book is a Praise Certificate, to fill out because you are thankful for having two daddies, as well as a few activities for children to do. It would be wonderful if this book could get into the hands of every child. I highly recommend this for your child’s library.

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